Office Booths Installation

Are you planning to expand or remodel your office space? One question you may be wrestling with is, “should you invest in constructing permanent meeting rooms in your space or should you consider a more modular solution, like phone booths or partition walls?

There’s no question what we’re going to recommend here, we’re obviously proponents of booths! Even so, we admit the decision isn’t always easy. There are several important considerations when making the choice. Many of these considerations are overlooked in the planning and decision-making process. We feel that the following are key factors you should think through as you plan your new office space and meeting rooms: 

1. Are your future office needs clear? 

Construction is permanent. However, booths provide flexibility. 

Building meeting space into your office is a one-and-done solution. If you plan to move or scale your manpower with what space you have available, your meeting rooms will never be able to be considered ‘flex space’. You’re stuck with them. Inbox Booths, on the other hand, are portable and can be moved around your office or to a new floor or building altogether!

2. How much space do you have? How efficiently do you need to use that space? 

Industry analysis indicates that 80% of all meetings are held between one and four people, thus rendering the need for large boardrooms to be used up by smaller meetings. Think of all the flex space you’d have by bypassing the need for larger meeting spaces and instead having 3-4 smaller booths occupy the same area!

3. What could end up costing more, construction or booths? 

There are so many variables that could end up costing you more if you go the construction route. 

  • Hiring and managing contractors and those added distractions
  • Incomplete designs with omissions related to codes
  • Problems with existing conditions that impede originally planned construction, such as issues with existing electrical wiring
  • The hassle with permits and inspections
  • Finding a temporary space to maintain office operations 
  • Moving in and out of the office
  • Demolition of rooms to make way for construction
  • Completion time. If trying to meet an unrealistic deadline, the quality of work is at risk, which can increase costs over time

Ultimately, you are looking at sunk costs vs asset ownership in the long run. What’s more, you can utilize our leasing program to help save on taxes!

4. How much time and patience do you have available? 

Consider things like the noise of having construction going on in the office, the added distraction. Having to deal with security and access issues with contractors coming and going. Dealing with all the moving parts also takes away focus from core business operations. 

5. Would you rather have assets you can take with you or costs you leave behind?

Bringing your Inbox Booths with you as you scale and expand into larger office settings can also help save on your expansion costs!

6. What about office utilization space? 

By strategically positioning your Inbox Booths around your office, you can maximize not only your productivity but your space usage, offsetting the need to seek larger office space until you reach a higher capacity threshold.

7. Room features and amenities?

Constructing a meeting space to be inclusive of room features and amenities requires more planning and coordination with service providers. Having Inbox Booths as your meeting spaces ensures that we’ve gone to the trouble of looking after the electronic hookups, sound insulation, air circulation and lighting. No fuss!

8. Waste and environmental impact of construction vs booths?

Construction and renovation of buildings and office space account for 11% of total greenhouse gas emissions in our cities. Having Inbox Booths as part of your office planning helps your organization perform its part in protecting the environment from being exposed to unnecessary emissions.

So from not only a short-term cost and benefit consideration, Inbox Booths help to minimize long-term costs in company growth and expansion while minimizing the unnecessary distraction, headaches and waste that goes into construction.

Contact us today to ensure your office planning has the extra versatility you need!

August 18, 2022 — Craig White