How Soundproof Are Our Booths?


By Kyle Harms


In the symphony of office chatter and ambient noise, finding moments of peace for focused work is like discovering a hidden gem. Our Inbox Booths offer just that—a quiet space in the middle of a bustling workplace for individuals to escape to and get heads-down work done. While these office pods and modular meeting rooms keep the outside noise out, how soundproof are they really? Let’s find out. 

Noise Reduction Capabilities of Office Pods

While our Inbox Booths boast impressive soundproofing capabilities, they’re designed with occupant safety in mind. Building codes mandate that occupants must be able to hear alarms, ensuring a safe working environment. Thus, our booths strike a delicate balance between soundproofing and safety, offering peace of mind along with peace and quiet.

You’ve likely heard the term “decibels” thrown around when discussing soundproofing. Our Inbox Booths lower external sound by 26-30 decibels — which is optimum for quiet pods. This means that your conversations stay privy to those inside the booth, without any distractions from the outside. 

To put it into perspective, imagine a typical conversation occurring outside, in the workplace, and you’re inside a booth. With the noise reduction of 30 decibels, you’re going to be able to focus on your work inside, without having to worry about any of the outside chatter going on. Our booths provide individuals with a safe space for concentrated work amidst the office noise.

Benefits of Using Office Pods

Each Inbox Booth is specifically designed to deliver optimal soundproofing without compromising on comfort or functionality. From the compact yet functional design of the ONE+ to the spacious collaborative space offered by the TEAM, every booth is engineered to improve productivity and well-being.

Beyond their soundproofing prowess, Inbox Booths offer a wide range of benefits:

  1. Motion Activated Power: Conserve power easily with motion sensors that automatically turn the lights and fans on or off, optimizing energy usage.
  2. High-powered Ventilation: Enjoy fresh air circulation every 3 minutes, maintaining a comfortable temperature inside the booth that matches the ambient environment.
  3. Just Plug it In: Setting up your soundproof booth is a breeze—all it requires is a typical 3-prong outlet. No need for extra wiring or complex installations.
  4. Furniture Included: Say goodbye to additional expenses—every soundproof phone booth comes with furniture included at no extra charge, ensuring a complete setup right out of the box.
  5. Tempered Glass and Quality Components: All booths have 3/8” thick glass and durable hardware, providing reliability and longevity.
  6. White-Glove Installation: With Inbox, installation is hassle-free. We offer white-glove installation and assembly services for every booth.

Each booth is designed to meet strict quality standards, ensuring a great experience for users. For more information on our design specifications and certifications, check out our blog on Inbox Booth certifications.

You can experience the convenience and comfort of Inbox Booths firsthand by booking a showroom visit and testing out our booths in a real office setting. 

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