Navigating the Return of Employees to the Office


By Kyle Harms


As the world gradually reopened after COVID-19, things looked very different. Many businesses, even today, are faced with the challenge of bringing employees back to the office after a prolonged period of remote work. While the transition may seem daunting, it’s also an opportunity to redefine the workplace experience and create a sense of community and collaboration among team members. 

In this blog, we’ll explore effective strategies for getting employees back to the office and creating a safe, productive, and inviting workspace for all.

#1 Clear Communication

Transparent communication is key to ensuring a smooth transition back to the office. Start by clearly communicating the reasons for returning to the office, emphasizing the benefits of in-person collaboration and the measures taken to prioritize employee safety. Keep employees informed about any changes to office protocols, schedules, or hybrid work options to alleviate uncertainties and build trust.

Did you know that even in an open-plan office, employees can get focused work done without the hustle and bustle of the work environment? Incorporating soundproof booths, like our Inbox Booths, for private discussions or meetings allows for private conversations to remain private and improves overall productivity.

#2 Flexible Work Policies

Recognize that employees may have different preferences and concerns about returning to the office. Implement flexible work policies that accommodate varying needs, such as staggered schedules, hybrid work arrangements, or remote work options. Allow employees to choose the work environment that best suits their productivity and well-being while maintaining a sense of connection to the team.

Our Inbox Booths provide the best of both worlds. Create a versatile workspace with modular meeting rooms that adapt to different work arrangements, allowing employees to collaborate while also maintaining flexibility. Our Inbox TEAM holds up to 6 people and is great for a brainstorming session or a larger group meeting.

#3 Create a Safe Environment

Prioritize the health and safety of employees by creating cleaning protocols, providing good ventilation, and having clear social norms and conduct guidelines to promote respect and inclusivity in the office. Consider installing Inbox booths strategically throughout the workspace to offer private, enclosed areas where employees can conduct meetings, make private calls, or focus on tasks without outside distractions. 

Our soundproof booths have a high-powered ventilation system where air is cycled in and out every 3 minutes. The temperature inside the booth aims to match that outside the booth. They also have comfortable furniture in the booths that allows individuals to work for longer periods without any discomfort. 

#4 Foster Collaboration and Connection

Encourage collaboration and social interaction among employees by creating designated collaboration zones, communal areas, and shared spaces where team members can brainstorm, socialize, and exchange ideas. 

Our Inbox meeting rooms can work as collaborative areas to facilitate productive meetings and discussions, whether in-person or virtual. With customizable options and ergonomic designs, our modular meeting rooms provide versatile solutions for hosting team meetings, client calls, or collaborative sessions while maintaining privacy and comfort.

#5 Support Employee Well-being

Acknowledge the challenges and anxieties associated with returning to the office by providing resources and support for employee well-being. Offer mental health resources, flexible wellness programs, and access to counselling services to support the emotional and psychological needs of employees. Create a supportive work culture that prioritizes work-life balance, employee recognition, and opportunities for professional development to boost morale and engagement.

Additionally, consider creating designated spaces for employees to unwind, recharge, and enjoy a moment of solitude Our Inbox ONE+ booth offers a comfortable individual space with ergonomic furniture, ideal for employees to either focus on work tasks or take a well-deserved break for themselves.

Navigating the return to the office requires careful planning, proactive communication, and a focus on employee well-being. By implementing these strategies and leveraging the benefits of Inbox Booths, businesses can facilitate a smooth transition while creating a safe, collaborative, and productive work environment.

Check out our range of booths here or schedule a visit to our showrooms and test them out in a real office setting.

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