Soundproof booths
for private conversations
and focused work.

Starting at $6,500
or $150 per month

Our Standard Features Have Quieted The Competition

“I like the interruptions of working in an office with people, but these booths are an awesome little happy place. Super quiet, instantly calming, a great way to get focused on deep work."
— Sarah Tolle, The Digital Project Manager
“The Inboxes are the most coveted spaces in our office. We’re buying more to meet our team’s demand.”
— Andrew Batey - The Beatdapp
“As a fast growing company in a relatively small space, Zoom calls and meetings used to disrupt our entire office. The booths solved the issue for us.”
— Ben Aston - Black and White Zebra
“We used to have to go to a coffee shop to have a private meeting. Now we can do it right in our space without having to worry about others hearing what we’re talking about.”
— Kyle Harms, Digital Hot Sauce
"The office might be buzzing but when I pull the door shut on the Inbox it all fades to the background and I can get my most valuable work done."
— Joshua Harris, CEO Clear & Loud Creative