Our story
Installing one our first Inboxes in 2021
Our story
Greetings. The Inbox Team Here.

In 2017, we desperately needed more space for video calls and meetings for our digital marketing company. We turned down a proposal for booths because they were too expensive, ugly, or felt cheap. We decided to construct our own.

That decision turned out to be a frustrating endeavor because we spent months acting as a construction project manager, costs and delays piled up, and worst of all nobody liked the rooms because they were claustrophobic and not soundproof - despite the double drywall and sound insulation.

When the pandemic set in and video calls doubled, our need for the right booth accelerated. High-performing and attractive booths at the right price still were not an option on the market. We became fanatical about creating the solution we and other practical design forward customers want and Inbox Booths was born.

At Inbox, we offer an affordable and practical private space quickly without the gimmicks and upsells. We apply iterative improvements based on real customer feedback to our product and process at every turn. We’re a team of committed and genuine people whose primary focus is our customer’s delight!

As you seek innovative ways to accommodate hybrid work and different office space demands, we’d be honored to be part of your journey.


Reuben & Scot and
the rest of the Inbox Team

Meet the Team
Reuben Zuidhof

Founder and Integrator.
4x Start-up entrepreneur. He’s the glue that holds the entire team and business together.

Tyler Ngo

Customer Success and Logistics Manager.
He makes sure each Inbox is delivered, installed, and serviced so each customer is delighted with their purchase.

Scot Sustad

Visionary and Marketer.
5x Start-up entrepreneur. He ensures our Inbox product and brand fulfills customer’s needs and we continue to innovate and grow.

Joshua Cherry

Director of Sales.
An experienced, passionate and diligent sales leader and relationship expert. The truth is Josh cares about our customers making the best decisions for their businesses.

Sarah William

Financial Controller.
She ensures we’re able to offer the best value to our customers by keeping us in a strong financial position. She helps us be as efficient as possible to ensure our work fuels our life.

Director of Marketing

We’re looking for a proven marketing leader ready to apply their passion and expertise to growing awareness and expanding our brand. Email: info@inboxbooths.com if you’re a good fit.

People and purpose
At Inbox, we believe in doing meaningful work that engages our minds and hearts. We are emotionally intelligent, gritty and resourceful. We are committed to proving results and having a lot of fun in the process.