Introducing Our Signature Showroom Partner: Volta Effect in Halifax


By Kyle Harms


We’re excited to announce the opening of our latest showroom in Halifax, Nova Scotia, in collaboration with Volta Effect. Located at 1800 Argyle Street, Suite 801, this showroom serves as a hub for experiencing our privacy phone booth firsthand.

As a signature showroom partner, Volta Effect shares our commitment to providing unparalleled workplace solutions designed to enhance productivity, collaboration, and well-being. With our booths prominently featured in their space, visitors like you now have the opportunity to test out our products in person, gaining valuable insights to inform their decision-making process.

Whether you’re looking for a quiet space for focused work, a dedicated area for private meetings, or a solution to minimize distractions in your office environment, our booths offer versatile solutions to meet your needs. At the Halifax showroom, visitors can explore our range of booth designs, experiencing their ergonomic features, acoustic performance, and sleek aesthetics up close.

To schedule a visit to our Halifax showroom and discover the transformative power of our booths, simply book your appointment here. 

We look forward to welcoming you to our newest showroom and showing you how Inbox Booths can elevate your workplace experience.

Visit Volta Effect:

1800 Argyle Street, Suite 801

Halifax, NS B3J 3N8

Showroom Hours:

Monday – Friday | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

To book a showroom visit, click here.

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