Cost Comparison: Inbox Booth vs. Traditional Office Buildout


By Kyle Harms


In today’s environment of modern offices and coworking spaces, we know that the need for flexibility and quiet spaces are crucial for increased productivity and employee satisfaction. However, when it comes to setting up these quiet spaces within an open-plan office, several factors come into play. 

Are you looking to build a soundproof working area in your office? Are you looking at different ways in which you can create these spaces without changing your whole office design and layout?

Are the costs too high to remodel your office space to meet the needs of your employees?

What if we told you that we had a cost-effective solution for your office space — a soundproof phone booth that is easy to install, mobile, and meets the growing needs of your office space.

In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through the costs of getting an Inbox Booth vs. renovating your existing office space to create a quiet working area for your employees. 

#1 Construction Costs

The traditional approach to an office build often involves extensive construction work. This process requires skilled labour, materials, and time. The costs can skyrocket due to additional factors such as the intricacies of building walls, installing electrical systems, and adhering to safety codes. The list can go on…

Our Inbox Booths offer a cost-effective alternative to construction. With a modular and pre-built design, the installation process is streamlined, significantly reducing labour expenses and construction timelines. The upfront savings are substantial. Made with industry-leading materials, our booths are shipped within weeks of purchase and can be installed at a minimal fee, thereby saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars on renovating your office space. 

Wondering if your business will benefit from having an Inbox Booth? Check out our blog here.

#2 Time and Disruption

Undertaking a traditional buildout is synonymous with disruption. Construction activities can disrupt the workflow for an extended period, impacting employee productivity and causing operational inefficiencies for months at end. 

However, with Inbox Booths, you’ll have access to your units within weeks of purchase. Designed for quick installation, our booths and modular meeting rooms will not only minimize workplace disruptions but also be ready to use within hours of being installed. The modular nature of our booths allows for quick integration, ensuring minimal downtime and preserving the overall productivity of the office. Our Inbox booth becomes yours to keep, rather than construction that you pay for and have to leave behind.

#3 Flexibility and Adaptability

Traditional structures are often rigid, making future modifications a complex and costly endeavour. As the office evolves, accommodating changing spatial needs becomes a challenging task.

Inbox Booths are built to be adaptable units. Our modular design allows for easy relocation and reconfiguration, offering offices the flexibility to adjust their office layout without the need for extensive construction work. Additionally, our booths have stunning aesthetics – and can be customized to match the design of your office space. The booths have tempered safety glass and a whisper-quiet ventilation system to keep the environment cool and tranquil so you can focus for longer periods.

#4 Additional Features and Customizations

Incorporating additional features and customization in a traditional buildout requires meticulous planning and budgeting. Every modification can incur additional expenses.

Inbox Booths, on the other hand, are available in various sizes and customizable options, and come with built-in features like power outlets and comfortable seating. We have a transparent pricing model that includes these features, eliminating the need for additional budget considerations. Create the ideal environment for focused work without the costly upsells and extras.

In fact, if cash flow is tight, we have easy and creative financing options available with our Inbox financing partners. Leave it up to us to make sure you receive exceptional service from us. The Inbox team isn’t just committed to customer service, we’re focused on delighting our customers through our products and each interaction they have with us.

Ready to upgrade your space without the stresses of large upfront costs? Check out our booths online or visit our showroom and test drive an Inbox Booth in a real office setting. 

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