Is Your Office Optimized for Productivity?


By Kyle Harms


Does your office lack a dedicated quiet space to get heads-down work done? 

Are you constantly hoping that the background noise of your open-plan office dies down a little when you have to take that important Zoom call mid-day?

Is your dedicated conference room always booked up, and you’re left scrambling to find a place to hold your confidential meetings?

Enter Inbox Booths — soundproof phone booths and modular meeting rooms designed to ensure you have a dedicated space to hold meetings, take private calls, and get focused work done, thereby helping boost productivity. 

We know that in the ever-evolving world of work, increasing productivity is a real game-changer. So, as we explore the ins and outs of corporate offices and other open-plan spaces, it’s time to talk about what it really takes to make your office a productivity haven. 

So let’s dive right in. 

How to Optimize Your Workplace to Boost Productivity 

Distractions at work can wreak havoc on productivity and job performance. The culprits range from the constant pings of digital tools and notifications on cell phones to the allure of social media and mindless internet scrolling. However, a significant portion of these disruptions come from the ambient noise within offices—a major source leading to inefficiency. 

What if we told you that the distractions that have to do with office noise can be solved with proper design and good acoustics at the workplace?  

Imagine being able to drown out the outside office noise and spending an afternoon getting heads-down work done. Inbox Booths’ provide you with exactly that — a safe space to help you stay focused in the office, without any of the ambient outside noise. 

Inbox Booths not only muffle outside noise, but also block it with their superior noise insulation and acoustics. In combination with adjustable lighting, ventilation, and more, Inbox Booths’ office pods provide the optimal environment for focused work, recovery, and state of flow. Smaller office pods, like the Inbox ONE+, make for great escape spots from the noisy surroundings of the office, while the Inbox TEAM is a larger focus room able to fit up to six people. 

The Need for Privacy Phone Booths in An Office

Managing Confidential Matters

In the fast-paced world of business, confidentiality is non-negotiable. A private space within an office serves as a fortress where individuals can navigate sensitive discussions without the looming threat of information leaking or others overhearing conversations. From sensitive matters to personal information belonging to the employee, everything stays private in an Inbox Booth. 

Reducing Overall Stress

In the midst of a bustling office, everyone yearns for a moment of silence and respite. The absence of privacy in a mentally demanding office job can escalate stress levels, hampering the flow of creativity and job satisfaction. Multiple studies have shown that working within the tranquillity of a private booth, such as our Inbox Booths, significantly reduces stress and aids recovery throughout the workday. This escape from the perpetual hum of an open office space isn’t just a luxury, but an investment in the mental well-being and productivity of employees.

Seamless Transitioning from Remote Work 

With the widespread adoption of remote work methods, the return to a bustling open office can be overwhelming for many employees. The familiarity of private spaces cultivated within the home environment becomes a safe space for everyone at the office. The addition of these private spaces, like Inbox Booths, within the office framework acknowledges the shifting dynamics of the modern workforce, providing a blend of collaborative and individual work environments.

Fighting Distractions for Enhanced Productivity

As mentioned above, distractions are the main adversaries to workplace efficiency. Research consistently shows the detrimental impact of interruptions on productivity, creativity, and overall job satisfaction. The critical transition from a state of distraction back to focused work can consume up to 20 minutes—an unfortunate reality for those working in open offices without access to dedicated quiet spaces. A privacy pod or booth is the solution to this problem, fostering an environment where employees can work without the disruptive ambient noise of the surrounding workspace.
So, if you’re looking to help employees stay focused, avoid distractions, and increase productivity with quiet areas free of distractions, check out our booths online or book an appointment for our showroom. Test drive an Inbox in a real office setting.

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