Soundproof Phone Booths Are Cutting Down Remodelling Costs


By Kyle Harms


Are you tired of the constant office hum disrupting your focus? 

Wondering how to transform your workspace without breaking the bank? Does the thought of remodelling costs make you cringe? 

Enter soundproof booths—a solution for modern workplace environments. Incorporating soundproof booths not only enhances privacy but also significantly slashes remodelling costs. 

Today, we’re going to share how our Inbox Booths can transform your current workplace to allow for enhanced productivity, focused work, and employee satisfaction — all without costing an arm and leg.

Navigating Workspace Challenges: Can Soundproof Booths Be the Cost-Effective Solution?

Here’s why having our Inbox Booths in your office space just makes sense.

Streamlined and Easy Installation

Remodelling or renovating your office space often involves intricate construction work — mapping out the area that needs a change, bringing in materials, removing old materials, and so forth. The whole process leads to extended project timelines and elevated costs. 

Soundproof booths, on the other hand, boast a simple and organized installation process. With modular designs and pre-built structures, our Inbox Booths reduce labour expenses and minimize disruptions to the existing workspace. Expect to have your booth installed and ready to use within hours of receiving it. 

Minimal Structural Changes

Remodelling projects often require huge structural alterations, from wall removals and electrical rewiring to HVAC system adjustments and window/door installations. These changes contribute to soaring expenses. 

Soundproof booths offer a cost-effective alternative by minimizing the need for extensive changes. Unlike traditional remodels that necessitate major structural adjustments, our Inbox Booths are self-contained units designed with adaptability in mind. Their easy integration into existing layouts is nothing short of a game-changer, eliminating the financial burden associated with extensive structural transformations.

Adaptability and Relocation

One of the standout features of soundproof phone booths is their adaptability. Unlike traditional remodels, which lock you into a fixed space or area, our Inbox Booths can be easily relocated and reconfigured. 

Did you know that our booths are completely mobile, allowing you to move them around your office space to meet the changing needs of your employees. This not only improves workplace satisfaction but also eliminates the hefty costs associated with recurrent remodelling projects. 

Acoustic Efficiency

Investing in soundproof booths isn’t just a move towards privacy—it’s a strategic step in optimizing acoustic efficiency. By curbing noise pollution within specific areas, these booths negate the need for extensive soundproofing measures across the entire office. This targeted approach not only saves costs but also ensures a quieter and more focused work environment.

In addition to the above, our Inbox Booths have stunning aesthetics. We use tempered safety glass and a whisper-quiet ventilation system to keep the environment cool and tranquil so you can focus for long periods. 

Customization without Overheads

Traditional remodelling often incurs additional expenses when it comes to customization. Soundproof booths, however, offer a range of customizable options without hidden costs. From varying sizes to personalized aesthetics, our booths are designed to make sure they align with your vision while staying within budget. 

Choose between a wide range of booths, such as the popular ONE+ for some heads-down work or the TEAM for group meetings. We have a booth to meet the different needs of an open-plan office. You can check out our range of Inbox Booths here

Long-Term Savings

Beyond immediate cost reductions, soundproof booths contribute to long-term savings. With minimal maintenance requirements and durable construction, these booths stand the test of time, avoiding the ongoing expenses associated with the continuous upkeep often required in traditional remodelling projects.

The financial benefits of incorporating soundproof booths in your office space extend far beyond enhanced privacy. By making installation simple and quick, minimizing structural changes, and offering adaptability, our Inbox Booths emerge as cost-efficient alternatives to traditional remodelling. 

Create the ideal environment for focused work in your office without the costly upsells and extras. Want to know more? Come visit our showroom and test out a booth in a real office setting or request a quote today

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